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Layne McDonald Ministries is a Culture of Life film studio dedicated to creating films that raise awareness and support for mothers in need.

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  • Coming Home
    24 videos

    Coming Home

    24 videos

    John is a hard working man that has decided to focus more on his career than his family. During a devastating event that leads him back to his old home town he will come face to face with his own father's life, his mother's love, and his wife's faith. While his children are growing up without him...

  • Makin It LA (Deluxe)

    11 videos

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    Two friends, Logan and Slack, move out to Two friends, Logan and Slack, move out to Hollywood to "make it". But when one of them decides to spend all of their rent money on a horrible idea, they are faced with possible evection and rushi...

  • Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament: Tour Documentary

    2 videos

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    This tour video documentary tells the story of Mother Angelica, how the Shrine was built, the Faith, and the God that made it all happen. The miracles and wonders in this video will help share the majestic story of God ...

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