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This app is a personal app that Dr. Layne McDonald uses to share films, music, leadership training, and stock elements for your storytelling. Please respect the rules below, or the app may be deleted from your device anytime. Thank you for being interested in storytelling, better leadership skills, and elevating our culture one leader at a time.


- No spam
- No using the app to advertise your services
- Be kind at all times
- No cursing or not same for work content
- You will operate as a family and faith-friendly professional on this app
- Be warned or deleted for any reason while using this app, with no ramifications from the owner of the app


This app is a Creative Leadership Coaching app for Executives and storytellers dedicated to authentically bringing about change in their internal company and external cultures. Dr. Layne McDonald has been in film and television for over 25 years. Over that time, he gained notoriety over one-on-one coaching with leaders with a creative and storyteller focus.

This profile film producer, writer, and life coach app will help you learn more about the business world, creative world, and yourself.

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