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- Dr. Layne McDonald owns all materials on this app; you are not allowed to sell, distribute or show without written permission from Layne and his representative.
- The rental of this app is only for the use of the app and access to materials. You are not buying the materials, and if the app ever goes away, you are not due the products on this app (Think Disney Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc.). The members are a donation in support of Dr. Layne McDonald's work, where portions go to families with children in medical need.
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You can use any of this footage FOR FREE, if you can, please follow these simple steps:

  1. If you could please give Layne W. McDonald an IMDB Credit
  2. Place a lower third credit on images or photos that says "Image/Footage/Audio/Graphic supplied by" OR at the end of your film, please credit footage/images to Layne McDonald Ph.D. DBA or
  3. Please, only use our stock elements in films and projects that are family or family-friendly. If they are of the R rating in nature, please do not include any of our productions pieces in "Adult" themed material. You agree that we can ask to pull the elements at any time if this should happen.

THANK YOU, and happy storytelling!

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