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Our mission: About Us, Filmmaking, and Bettering Lives Together

Written on 07/03/2021
Layne McDonald. Ph.D.

Blog: It's time for the filmmaking process to socialize.


Hollywood and New York film studios have sat in their elite groups' untouchable mountains and golden thrones for too long. It is time for filmmaking to be socialized. 


Socialized means open to all. It's not about an exclusive group doing things in the shadows.


We are about opening up the art of filmmaking to all that are willing to help others through their stories.


We want activist-focused art to help better our crafts, finesse the vessels that deliver our art, and ultimately services those in need the best way possible. 


Through LM Studios and this mobile app, we are socializing filmmaking. We are giving writers the ability to create films. We are training actors, filmmakers, and post-production volunteers while making and distributing films.


We want to elevate storytellers to change the world while making films that anyone can see on major platforms. Yes, I'm talking about actual distribution to major online networks, television, and stores.


If you already haven't "distributable" films, we don't want you to feel dishearted. It's another topic for another day, but here is a quick takeaway on that: 


I am so passionate about this mission (of films that better lives) that I am willing to look at short films and features already made and help get them distributed. 


My fee is 10%, and I am doing this to get your movies out there, not to get rich. It's about better lives. If you are a filmmaker with films that help better lives through social justice, spiritual meanings or shares solutions for the hurting, I am here for you. Reach out through the app today.


Finishing off our mission as a film school and film workshop:


We want to help build up acting careers (yes, you get IMDB Credit with our films). We want to help form future filmmakers into the best storytellers they can be. 


Even if you are countries away, this app allows you to be involved remotely.


If you volunteer to this virtual filmmaking app studio or with us in person, you will grow in your training. You will add films to your resume and portfolio. You will be helping others with life-giving messages at the same time.


How cool is that?


I built an app to reach you. I created this app to make better films. We are only as good as our collective team and hearts. 


You do not have to be where I am to be a part of a film; We can use technology to help better lives together.


Welcome to LM studios. Let's make movies. Let's help those in need.

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