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Types and parts of headphones

Layne McDonald. Ph.D.

Headphones are fabulous for listening to music while watching television or watching a movie and using your computer. There are thousands of applications where you can use headphones. There are a lot of brands and types that you can choose from nowadays, depending on the application. 


A headphone has three parts: the driver, the earpiece, and the attachment system. The driver is the ‘sound producer.’ It is a transducer that converts electrical signals to the audio sound you hear once you place the headphones on your ears. The earpiece is the physical part that you put to your ears. There are a lot of types of earpieces from which you can choose. Finally, the attachment system is the part that holds everything together. This can either be the headbands - for types that have one - or the wires which hold two earbuds together. The job of the attachment system is to make the earpiece somehow fit your ears. 


Headphones can be attached to any music player, cell phone, or personal computer. If you want to get rid of the outside noise and you want to concentrate on the sound, there are noise-canceling variants that you can choose from. The open-type headphones have better sound quality than the noise-canceling type. 


When it comes to the design of the headphones, then you can choose one that will best suit your application. Clip-on headphones do not have headbands; the earpiece can easily be attached to your ears. There are also available wireless headphones. Earbuds are earpieces that can fit the inner part of your ear. Headsets combine the functionality of a microphone and an earphone. Ear pads have two flat places as earpieces. Street-style headphones are best used for music-listening purposes. With all the designs and brands available in the market now, you will find the type of headphones that best suit your needs and lifestyle. 

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