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Contact Management

Layne McDonald. Ph.D.

Contact management is a modern way of managing your contacts. However, it is not just an electronic address book that lists your contacts, such as phone numbers, addresses, and appointments for the day. All this personal information can be integrated with e-mails and saved in one place, so you do not have to search. You can store the history of the interactions with contacts and keep track of all activities related to them. All this information can be kept confidential by using a password. 


The contact management system can be of two types: a particular software product installed in the personal computer or a web-based application that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. The traditional method of installing software can serve the purpose if the nature of your work is stationary and is done from one primary computer. A web-based solution will offer you the flexibility you need if you are logged on to the Internet most of the time and work at and away from the office. 


Installing software is a one-time expenditure, while web-based services may charge monthly subscription fees in addition to the first lump sum payment. You will find this investment negligible compared to its advantages and the results you reap through an effective contact management system. Creating a systematic database of your contacts and regularly updating the information are the prerequisites for the system's success. It is helpful for both domestic users and business enterprises. Birthday and anniversary reminders come automatically and save you much embarrassment. On the professional front, sales, marketing, and customer care personnel are the primary users of the system. 


The results can be unique to unbelievable. Marketing persons can send bulk personalized but professional messages like e-mails and newsletters to the customers in the contacts list about new products and services and exclusive offers. The communication can be sent with a link to the company’s website and order form that can enable an immediate sale. This is the best way of cutting down the costs involved in direct marketing, and there is no need to hire a recent sales team to reach more customers. 


Customer care departments can keep the history of all customer communication for a systematic follow-up. Since businesses use it extensively to interact with customers, some call it a customer relationship management system. Managers also use it to track employee information and reach them. With an effective contact management system, you can bid goodbye to the traditional paper-based system, which is highly fallible.

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