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Corporate Identity Management

Layne McDonald. Ph.D.

Competition is excellent in today's market, and you will need good corporate identity management to get your business noticed. You need to bring together all the good qualities of your company and emphasize what a great benefit your company will be to those who use your services. Good corporate identity management will do just that if appropriately managed. It will give your business a precise positioning towards your customers and prospective customers as well as your staff, suppliers, authorities, and even your competition. By making your business easily recognizable to those who want what you are selling, corporate identity management will also play a key role in developing and maintaining your business and running it like a well-oiled machine. In today's world, we are bombarded with information every waking minute. Globalization increases competition, products are interchangeable, and new products come to the market at an ever-faster rate. Every business is competing for our attention. The selection of a supplier is based on more than price or availability anymore; customers have the luxury of choosing suppliers with whom they can find. That is why your company will need an edge of some kind so that when people decide they need the service that you are offering, your logo or a witty saying will automatically pop into the consumer's head, and in turn, they will seek you out. However, your business image is only one of the things that will get you noticed. How the press and advertisers perceive your company will also rub off on the public, so you will always need to stay consistent and make a good impression.


Consistency is critical in the business world today unless you want to lose your business before it even gets off the ground; you cannot say one thing and then do entirely another. To ensure consistency in communication, you may need to ask for help from someone who knows what you are doing in corporate identity management. Many good organizations can help you do just that. They can take your company and create something distributed, no matter what you sell. Another important aspect is that your staff needs to be able to identify with your company's corporate identity, so they feel comfortable with it. From your company’s reception area to telephone manners, the design of all printed materials and Web sites, to public relations, every aspect of a business must breathe its Corporate Identity to be believable and distinguishable. Only then will your company have the chance of being taken seriously in the market and succeed. The primary idea behind a corporate identity program is everything your business does, owns, and supplies services, and it should project a clear picture of you and your business goals. A sound corporate identity management system works well and keeps the essential things on track.


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