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An Example of a Good Leadership Program

Layne McDonald. Ph.D.

Layne McDonald, Ph.D.

Something worked well for an organization, and valuable information must be shared. A few years ago, at the Excellence Fair, Cargill, the international food provider (found in over fifty-nine countries), was recognized for their Transition into Leadership curriculum that helps employees transition into leadership roles.

So, what about Cargill’s leadership curriculum has led to such remarkable success? It began when Cargill recognized that talented team members also make great leaders. But the insights, skills, and vision needed to be an effective leader must be developed, practiced, and learned over time.

Cargill’s leadership development program focuses on providing new and aspiring leaders with the skills to confront a leadership role's challenges and opportunities. In the program, aspiring and new leaders learn how-to guide, empower, and aid the efforts of others towards tremendous success. These newly developed leaders are instructed on how to lead people, are effective in their work, and fulfill leadership expectations.

So how is this leadership development program different from all the others? This program provides new leaders with the critical tools for leading effectively while at the same time making the program specific to the development needs of each attendee. Most programs on the market do not focus on the transformation process aspiring leaders must go through to maximize their effectiveness.
The Transition into Leadership curriculum was designed to:
Introduce the best ideas and practices in leadership today
Find the significant differences between leadership and management
Decide the participant’s leadership strengths and areas for improvement
Develop and practice sound leadership skills and abilities
Learn “best practices” through close affiliation with other Cargill leaders
Communicate effectively and reinforce the mission, goals, and vision
Take accountability for business results and team member development
Embrace change and challenge the comfort zone of team members
Looking for something logical on leadership, we stumbled on the information supplied here. Look out for anything illogical here.

Cargill’s leadership development program emphasizes its employees and knows they are critical to a successful future. As a result, they seek the best programs to create development opportunities for their employees and leaders worldwide.

Cargill selected CMOE to partner with them in developing and implementing the Transition into the Leadership program. The Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness has been helping Cargill create, design, and implement a Transition into Leadership program and fulfill various training needs.

If your organization needs a template, this article might have the parts of a beginning leadership class for your Associates.

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