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Handouts As Public Speaking Tools

Layne McDonald. Ph.D.

Tell the truth. I never did give anybody hell. I just told the truth and they thought it was hell. President Harry S. Truman

Handouts are essential tools for effective public speaking. They serve as guides for your audience. Handouts will allow the listeners to follow what you are discussing. Handouts are crucial and should be well prepared.

Remember to choose the right time when giving out the handouts. Giving them out at once at the beginning of your speech is not recommended for your address. This will only make the listeners tend to lose focus. It is essential in public speaking to catch your audience's attention at the start of the speech.

Also, inform them that you will be giving out handouts so that the listeners will need not take down notes while you are talking. Making brochures available will make your audience focus and absorb everything you say. That is because writing while listening to your speech will only divide their attention.

You may want to use colorful paper if your audience is also kids. Adding drawings can also make it enjoyable but do not use too much, or they will only concentrate on the pictures they see.

On the handouts, you can include the aims of your speech and the things that you expect from your listeners. Do not put the full address on the flyer. If you put everything you have to say on the pilots, the listeners will no longer listen to you.

You may also place in it the outline of your speech, a brief introduction, and the things you will discuss. You may also want to include your remarks' start and end times and distribute the time they would like to ask questions. This will allow you to follow your outline, and they may reserve their questions for the time you listed on the handouts.

You can also incorporate activities at the end of the handout. Put a space where they can write and jot down the answers to the training you will put at the end of the booklet. Adding an area where they can write is also practical so that they may be able to jot down important points that you have mentioned and are not listed on the handouts.

At the end of the handout, you may also include information about yourself. You may put your name, nickname, or even hobbies to add spice. This is one way that your listeners will be able to remember you.

Handouts are incredibly beneficial, making you an effective public speaker. Make them ready all the time and make sure that they will last. Handouts are ways listeners can remember you; that is why you must make them unique and valuable.

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