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Leadership 101: Part 1 - Everyday Leadership & How it can Improve Your Life

Layne McDonald. Ph.D.

The art of leadership is saying no, not yes. It is very easy to say yes. - Tony Blair

We tend to underestimate our daily actions as an act of leadership. We celebrate meaningful events and significant victories, but not necessarily our small gestures that can change the face of the world. Any daily action can change the world of someone who crosses our path. Once you recognize your ability, life becomes a series of opportunities to lead. 

Leaders know their goals and do trivial things daily to reach them. But it is not always about them; they help others to move forward in their projects, to remove their doubts so they can act. 

In a study comparing average leaders to outstanding leaders, 90% of the variance was due to the Emotional Quotient (EQ). Your EQ is the most crucial factor that will predict if you step up and take the lead in life. If you compare people in a specific field, it is not their IQ or theirs. 

The personality that will make them successful is their EQ. This study also proved that developing leadership skills without considering the cognitive strength of the student-led to minimal improvement in their abilities to lead others. For that reason, we have a whole chapter on self-awareness and personal growth that will help you improve your emotional intelligence. 

To be a leader is to be the catalyst of a positive event for others and thus, contribute to their development, hand helps them in a necessary decision-making process. It can seem terrifying when you realize that you have so much impact on others without knowing it, without being aware of it. It is essential to recognize that we are influential agents, and we influence the lives of others that go beyond money and power. 

When you become a leader in your life, you empower yourself to lead the life of your dream. That is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself, as you will always receive help from the skills, experiences, and knowledge you have bought on that journey to become a great leader. Benefits are:  

• Lead a productive life full of abundance. 

• Increase your resilience and ability to perform without feeling the pressure of stress. 

• Improve your relationships and how others perceive you. 

• Become a better communicator and clearly say your goals. 

• Buy self-awareness, self-confidence, and courage. 

• Grow your ability to be creative and innovative. 

• Be perceived as trustworthy and competent by others. 

• Be more decisive, dependable, and competent. 

The next chapter will explore facts about leadership and how it affects our world. 

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