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The Quick Trip

Layne McDonald. Ph.D.

Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers believe and talk about the problems. - Brian Tracy


Years ago, I worked in a business with complicated economics. There was an opportunity to make a significant sale to a new Customer who happened to be in Hawaii. As a part of the negotiation for this long-term up product supply, the client wanted to meet with our General Manager. 


Our General Manager flew from San Francisco early one morning and, with the time zones, could meet with the Customer all day. He returned to the airport and flew home with red eyes.


He saved money, no hotel stays, etc., an essential consideration in our challenging business climate. But the more important reason for the quickness of his trip was that he wanted to lead by example. He told me later that it was important for people to know that I went for business, not a mini vacation.


The example he set was practical for those he led. Through his simple act, people re-focused on ways to improve the business and save money. Steve led by example.


I could give you other significant and historical examples, and others seldom mentioned to illustrate the power of a leader’s correct model.


The goal is to take what you already know: people follow the actions of leaders, not their words, and use them to your advantage.


Stop today to review the direction you are heading as a leader. Review the choices before you and make the best one, not based on comfort or habit, like the caterpillars, but on the desired future result. 


Make your choice and step boldly forward in that direction. The bold decision and action aligned with your words will be powerful and allow you to move people and your organization in the correct order.

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