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Leadership 101: Part 4 – Leading without the Title

Layne McDonald. Ph.D.

All of the great leaders have had one characteristic in common: it was the willingness to confront unequivocally the major anxiety of their people in their time. This, and not much else, is the essence of leadership. - John Kenneth Galbraith


To become a great leader, you must be a leader in your life. You do not need a title to be a successful leader. Before exploring this chapter any further, list areas of your life where you are a leader; it could be as par or as a parent or teammate that requires a certain amount of leadership. 




I am a leader in the following areas of my life: 








A leader means someone who leads others, holds a position of authority or is responsible. In summary, someone has followers who look up to them, yet; it is a particular fact that no one can, durably and with impact, guide? Others do not know how to conduct themselves. Leading a group without an unobstructed vision for oneself is a grave mistake leading to inevitable failure. 




The starting point of personal leadership is your values. They are integral to your being and even define you as a leader. These values are the foundation of your life. 


Check all the values that are fundamental to you:  

- Honesty

- Courage

- Security 

- Kindness

- Compassion

- Loyalty

- Teamwork

- Fitness

- Intelligence

- Career

- Balance

- Connection

- Communication 

- Relationship

- Creativity

- Learning 

- Knowledge

- Humanity 

- Excellence 

- Patience 

- Success 

- Innovation 

- Change

- Respect

- Quality

- Prosperity 

- Freedom 

- Adventure 

- Wellness

- Diversity

- Contributing 

- Finances

- Generosity 

- Spiritualism 

- Gratitude

- Integrity 

- Strength 

- Grace 

- Finesse 

- Entertain 

- Endurance 

- Love 

- Wealth 

- Facilitation

- Openness 

- Speed 

- Effectiveness

- Religion

- Power

- Fun

- Order

- Affection

- Fame

- Advancement

- Cooperation

- Justice

- Respect

- Peace

- Appreciation 

- Joy/Play

- Friendship/Relationship

- Willingness 

- Forgiveness

- Encouragement

- Trusting Your Gut

- Work Smarter, Not Harder

- Pride in Your Work and Harder Chance

- Excitement

- Clarity

- Patience 

- Change

- Fun-Loving

- Forgiveness 

- Goodness

- Charisma 

- Self-Respect

- Involvement

- Humor

- Abundance

- Faith

- Leadership

- Reciprocity

- Wisdom 

- Renewal

- Enjoyment

- Beauty 

- home 

- Entrepreneurial 

- Caring 

- Be True 

- Happiness

- Personal

- Contentment 

- Harmony 

- Development 


Or any other values not listed above:  


These values shape your reality, therefore your vision of the present world, your view of an ideal world. These values allow you to define your personality and position yourself clearly in your private or professional environment. 


These values are linked to intrinsic qualities specific to you and do not require much effort to manifest; these qualities will be the foundation of your success. Knowing your inherent qualities increases your self-esteem. 


Leadership is about leading to a goal, and personal leadership is about guiding you to your life goal. Moving away from your life goals would mean failure, but moving closer to them makes you shine brightly and reach your maximum potential. 


Once your values and qualities are known, you can act once you have discovered your life purpose. Finding all the activities necessary to achieve your life purpose is finding all the required actions. They will be grouped into aims, i.e., groups of events that are coherent with each other and contribute to the same intermediate goal. 


The aims are essential to achieve your vision; without clearly defined missions, the idea would be only a wish. Once the task has been chosen, it will allow you to focus on the essential and maximize the benefit of each effort. 


Indeed, in the face of the multiple and diverse demands of life and others, it is essential to have a guideline on the list of your critical missions to remain focused and, therefore, more effective. 


This efficiency will allow you, day after day, to take one more step towards your life goal (or goals). Personal leadership means you are fully responsible for reaching your life goal(s). 


In the next chapter, we will help you lead yourself to success with the GROW model, a coaching tool for goal setting and problem-solving. 

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