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Leadership 101: Part 7 – Be an Inspiring Agent of Change

Layne McDonald. Ph.D.

Doing what is right isn’t the problem. It is knowing what is right. - Lyndon B. Johnson

Being an agent of change is not a natural role, especially when you must go against the grain of the culture or the established behaviors and comfort zones of the people around you. However, it is something that does not scare leaders. 


Changes come with much resistance, but only patience will overcome them. As a leader, you must learn to embrace change and see it with the mindset of growth instead of a threat. 


Humans are rarely open to changing their lifestyle or habits since their comfort zone has been carefully set up. In other words, during the years, they have been with their family, spouse, colleague, and behavior to the moment's needs. 


No matter if the change you want to make at work, home, or social life, it will affect others. 


To be an inspiring change agent, you must support and show compassion toward others. Nothing is accepted radically or by forcing the transition. Keeping open communication with the people affected by the change is critical. Regularly inform people before, during, and after the change. Reassure the people involved by allowing them to contribute to the change. 


In a time of change, the principle is simple: lead by example. As an agent of change, you must become what you want others to become. You need to set an example, and you are one. Every word you say and the behavior you manage will affect the community. 


Change is something we experience every day in our daily lives. Even if we believe in a routine, our lives are continually changing. Change has allowed us to reinvent our lives and living environment since dawn. 

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