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In the Five Secrets of successful leaders, countless different things make a great leader.

Layne McDonald. Ph.D.

Not only that, but it is also true that every leader is different, and one person's leadership style might differ. But while this is true, there are still consistent features that you will find in any great leader. This presentation will examine five of the most important secrets that all great leaders share. One, they have control over their emotions. Control of your emotions is critical to being a good leader. Leaders cannot be seen as panicking and must not yell or rant at their team when frustrated. You need to be as solid as a rock and forge ahead, even when the going gets tough. This takes immense mental discipline, so better work on it, too. They care deeply about what they are doing. Can you be a leader? Even if you hate what you do? Probably, can you be a great one? Not. Passion comes across when you speak to people. And being excited about your work will motivate the team more than anything else you can do or say. If you do not already love the work, try to find something you love about it or do something else. Three, they see the big picture. Your job as a leader is to see the big picture so that you can delegate work and let your team take care of the details. You might have started in it and risen to management. But now you can no longer be an IT guy. Your job is to know a little bit about every aspect of your work to guide the entire project smoothly for them to take responsibility. As a leader, you are in charge. That means you are responsible when things go well. And when they go badly. Do not blame your team. They need you to be a protective buffer so they can have the confidence to work their best without dealing with the consequences. Five, they care about their team. If you look after your team, then they will look after you. Your team is your most important asset. And your job is to nurture them to get the best out of them. See them only as a resource, and they will quickly lash out and push back. Great leaders look out for that underneath them. And that earns them incredible loyalty.

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