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People Empowerment Secrets: Spread the Positive Energy to Others

Layne McDonald. Ph.D.

Knowing what must be done does away with fear. - Rosa Parks

Try doing a simple survey by asking random people, let us say around fifty people, and ask them if they are fully engaged and motivated when working. Sadly, research shows that only less than 50% of them are not fully engaged. This shows how employee talent and potential are gone to waste.

When employees are not fully engaged with their work, they are not enjoying the working environment and cannot give their 100% for every task. The organization's performance stays a meager fraction of what it could be. This impact of disengaged employees on organizational performance will only increase as we move towards a knowledge economy driven by human capital.

Promoting employee involvement, as mentioned in Building Employees' Involvement and inspiring positive attitudes in the working environment is one feat that leaders and managers wish to achieve to keep productivity up and going.

If spreading a cheerful outlook in the workplace is successful, it decreases turnover, minimizes employee complaints, and creates a positive working team in which every member is excited to contribute.

Energy is everywhere around you. It can be positive or powerful, but it sure does define whether it will lead to your success or promote your demise.

Everything you involve yourself in is a result of the energy you contribute. How well you act and contribute as a professional is as important as what you contribute. You may be a professional with higher knowledge and sets of skills and a history of success. Still, if you approach a new job, a team, your boss, or even your customer with negative energy, then you should take full responsibility for the worse consequences of this action.

Experts claim that energy is neither positive. This is always neutral and will only be either positive or negative depending on which form we want it to be, which is true about the working environment and other places or organizations.

Negativity comes in forms, especially in the workplace (or anywhere, for that matter). Spot negativity in forms:

Complaining (this is huge)

Putting others down

Talking about people behind their back

Highlighting other people's mistakes (pointing the fingers of blame)

Focusing on / expecting the worst

The truth is that as leaders and managers, you have the power to exert and control your energy on how you let others perceive it and receive and understand others' energy, whether positive or negative. Sometimes it is easy to see how others affect you, but you may not even realize the effect others have on you. Awareness of how people react to a particular situation and how they feel will decrease negative energy and promote positive energy.

It's just like something I can do any strategy decides your team's success during meetings or working hours. If you have an employee or co-worker struggling, have you considered how responsible you have for them? Performance?

Suppose you were chosen to become the leader, manager, or supervisor for other employees and members. In that case, your responsibility is to how you will manage your energy, as well as the negative energy from the employees.

Negative energy is contagious. It may seem that dealing with negative people is easier to ignore, but their power affects others without them knowing it. Therefore, your negative employees may be consciously or subconsciously expanding their negativity and influencing the behavior of others.

Managers and leaders look at what is happening. Are you contributing positively? to the welfare of your company? Is your energy affecting both your personal and? professional life? How do you manage your employees? Do you do so professionally while being responsible? Are you POSITIVE when it comes to you? Work? Does your workplace have a POSITIVE environment, comfortable? Working?

Start with Yourself!

Inspiring positive energy in the workplace starts with oneself. When questioning whether you are positively on the right direction in the workplace, try asking yourself the following questions:

Are you a positive or negative person?

Do you have a high or low energy level?

How do others respond to you, relaxed or tense?

Do you find yourself being judgmental of others or open and accepting of diversity and innovative ideas?

Do you harbor anger rather than letting these feelings go?

Do you feel primarily happy or sad and frustrated?

Are you a nice person?

Be Aware of your ENERGY

Knowing how you emit your energy to the workplace is the key to improving workplace energy. Managers and leaders should create a positive working environment to keep employees motivated and engaged in their work. That is why simply taking the time to see your employees and staff may create a new awareness of the type of energy most common in your department or company.

Negative Energy, Stay Away!

How you manage your energy and how well you see your employee's energy can be decided on how well your employees perform. Since employees work their entire day in the workplace, they want to feel comfortable and relaxed even with the workload. Figuring out who has negative energy in the workplace will not be quickly decided by their turnout but by how they socialize while working. To start creating a positive working environment, begin with oneself, affecting others for the better. However, if you find a negative employee who is not supporting the domain you expect to create, it is critical to deal with this behavior.

Take necessary steps to help the employee feel comfortable to improve, but if this employee refuses to be more positive and effective, you cannot simply ignore it. Allowing this employee to continue contributing negative energy will quickly infect the power of other employees and you.

Set Expectations

Have your management style and see if it collaborates well with your employees. It should be able to create positive-minded employees with a supportive and rewarding process. Reward the positive improvements and mentor the employees who are not exceeding expectations. It is excellent to reinforce positive energy and keep productivity momentum to reach your goal quicker with better results.

Energize you, TEAM!

Working every day and doing the same things bore your employees and sap their positive energy. Find fun, great ways to boost them up even while doing meetings, meeting deadlines, and finishing projects. This can be as simple as frequent short breaks, laughter, and creating an incredibly open environment where fresh ideas and creativity are rewarded.

The relationships you align in life reflect who you are. You are defined by your relationships in your personal life and, most certainly, within your professional career. If you find most of your employees are tired of your team having trouble exceeding expectations and creating momentum, seriously consider evaluating the energy flowing within your company. Do not wait for others to make a positive, rewarding, motivating environment since you already have the power to do so.A positive environment is a healthy environment.

As a manager or a team leader, it is your responsibility to take the initiative to encourage positive energy in the workplace. It is a worthy investment of time and energy as it gives better results and productivity. Remember to spark initiative; positive energy takes one or two persons to start. You, managers, and leaders should be the first persons to take the industry.

Here are ideas to spark positive energy and encouragement:

Showing Gratitude

Inspiring positive energy and encouragement can start by recognizing the contribution to the company. Simply saying "thank you" to each person can set a powerful builder motivating them to work harder and improve their work-life.

Focus on their skills

Improve yourself and others by focusing on one's skills and incorporating them into your daily life. You can also help them learn new skills needed for the task.

Balance negative energies

We are all people. We will and often dwell on our negative energies. The time we tend to focus on goals and projects we have not fulfilled or fear the unknown future of the projects. Build your inner resilience by refocusing your energy on successes when facing disappointment or stress.

Practice "flexible" thinking

When receiving new projects and challenges, instead of thinking about what might be wrong, embrace the new possibilities and potential obstacles with positive thinking, manage them effectively, and face unexpected events without any problems.

Acknowledge steps to success

Large projects and tasks are often intimidating. Make it more accessible and fun by planning steps, dividing it into easy-to-handle functions for employees, and making goals achievable to keep focus and balance energy.

TEAM Support

Leading and managing your employees requires supporting and trusting their skills while teaching them to ensure productivity and quality.

Communication is important! If you feel less confident about them, they can sense it with your energy, which often leads to negative energy and discouraged employees. Help them develop.

Here are quick tips you can DO NOW to promote positive energy to others. (Excerpt from 5 Ways to Create a Positive Workplace Atmosphere - Harriet Meyerson)

Greet everyone today with an enthusiastic "Hello," a smile, and good eye contact. You will get smiles back, creating a positive connection and positive energy.

End every phone call and email with, "Have a wonderful day." Your positive energy will come across, and you will feel energized.

Compliment everyone. It is easiest to say something nice about what they are wearing. Even better, compliments, such as "You are so …" creative and meticulous, dependable, and more. "… that it makes my day so much more …" pleasant, exciting, enjoyable," etc."

Try baking chocolate chip cookies and passing them out. Homemade cookies say, “I cared enough to take the time to make them." However, they are easy to bake because you can get the pre-mixed ones in squares at the grocery store, pop them in the oven, and have a delicious cookie after a few minutes.

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