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Preparing Yourself When You Speak in Public

Layne McDonald. Ph.D.

Why will anyone else believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself? - Tom Brady

Public speaking does not have to be complicated. Here are tips to help you prepare for public speaking.

You do not need to be perfect to succeed in speaking in public.

You do not need to be too witty and brilliant to be successful when you speak in public. Public speaking is not all about that. It may look like it is, but it is not. You can be the average guy you are.

What is essential in speaking in public is that you give your listeners something worth their time. If people leave after your speech with something of value, they will think of you as a successful speaker. They would consider your speech as something worth their time.

Deliver your main points

You may want to put in as facts and information as you can. But only emphasize three or four main points. You could even talk about one main point if you want.

It would help if you remembered that what your listeners want from you is to give them two or three critical points they can understand and would be effective. If you can structure your talks, lots of complexity will be removed.

Inject humor but still practice humility

While there are other public speaking styles, humility and humor are some devices you could use to make your speech livelier and more entertaining to your listeners.

Just ensure you are comfortable being humorous and that the humor is proper for the occasion. If you feel uncomfortable telling jokes, you might as well not use jokes that might fall flat on your nose. If you are speaking before a crowd of Americans of Asian descent, do not tell jokes about Chinese food or Asian customs.

Humility in public speaking means standing before others and sharing your mistakes, human frailties, and weaknesses. If you show other people that you are not afraid or ashamed of admitting such things, you create a relaxed and intimate environment that will allow them to end up with

Being humble in public also makes you more believable, credible, and respected, making your listeners relate to you more easily. You are no longer the remote expert ahead of them but one of them.

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