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Speak Your Mind!

Layne McDonald. Ph.D.

For most people, the mere thought of speaking before an audience causes men’s hands to go clammy and their hearts to pound like a kettledrum. Statistics show that people fear public speaking more than their deaths. It shows that for the majority, people would rather die in silence than take a chance to speak their minds in society: It'smen's conformity and a fear of saying something irrelevant.

The importance of public speaking lies in that, as social organisms, the ability to get your message across in the right way will do better for you than the attempt to do a better job. Hunkering down faithfully to work is useless if the boss does not notice it.

The importance of public speaking is that it is inevitable. Eventually, you will be forced to enter the arena and speak to a sea of eyes and ears. Before that happens, it would always be better to meet that challenge on your terms.

Here are points to ponder:

1. Career.

People at work who can communicate better go up the ladder faster. Employers prefer hiring people with public speaking and communication skills. This is because speaking with your colleagues puts them at ease about you, helps you get your job done faster, and gets what you want to be done across easier.

2. Mental.

Successfully speaking before a live, listening audience improves your self-confidence, poise, character, and sense of fun. You feel better about yourself. You become less self-conscious and nervous and can control higher stress levels. This does not mean you will not make mistakes. Expect to make mistakes the first few times; learn from them and keep on going. That paralyzing fear of speaking to a large audience will be outdated if you're consistent.

3. Opportunities.

Public speaking positively affects all aspects of your life. Being able to speak officially opens new opportunities unimagined in your former life. You will find yourself more eager to participate in causes you believe in and interact more with people of the other sex. You will find yourself assertively asking questions to clear up a problem, take the lead in a cause, or calmly explain a complex situation without losing it. The effect of public speaking on your life is exponential.

Public speaking is an essential addition to the human repertoire. Technical knowledge is just as vital, but the ability to speak well takes your skills and talents beyond the borders of your skin and into the hearts and minds of others.

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