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The Difference Between Boss and Leader

Layne McDonald. Ph.D.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” - Carl Jung, M.D.

Every leader is a boss. But every boss is not a leader. This defines the difference between a boss and a leader. The most significant difference between a boss and a leader is one. The boss is respected and obeyed because of their seniority. A leader is respected and looked up to as an example not only because of seniority but mainly because of the qualities of character and ability. Please view these wallpapers in this reference.

Those who aspire to become leaders must lead by example. The team must always believe that the leader will be there during every crisis. Not to fix the blame but to correct the problem. If the team members find that the leader does not follow what they preach, they will have no respect for them. They may obey them, but consideration will be missing. Leaders gain this respect through their actions. They look and act sincerely. There is no mismatch between their words and actions. They look integral in approach and character.

To be a leader, every boss must display knowledge, planning, anticipation, foresight, action, a result-oriented approach, perspective, respect for every team member, earn their care, function as a friend, and function as a mentor. This is quite a list, but you need these qualities to become a good leader. This is true for national leaders and persons in every leadership position in any organization. Once a person earns the respect of their team members, they cease to be only a boss and transform into a leader.

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