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Learn to Empower Others

Layne McDonald. Ph.D.

“Be enthusiastic and bold. Always keep learning. You stop doing useful things if you don’t learn.” - Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

To empower is to give power or authority. Not all network marketing uplines can empower others. Learning to empower others is a good trait; you gain self-awareness and self-confidence while helping downlines achieve success.

Through empowering others, a leader gains trust and loyalty from downlines while enhancing working performance with them as a team.

Helping Others

Here are a few ways to help and empower others:

Believe in their abilities. Share information with your team members or downlines. This is important as it can build trust and allow them to make decisions when facing troubles.

Focus on vision and goals. Be clear on your vision and goals. This is necessary to give an excellent guide to downlines, thus implying values, goals, and mission in the team’s daily work.

Everyone makes mistakes. Let others learn from their mistakes. Give a second chance for downlines to understand and learn from their own mistakes and one another. Do not discourage those from trying something new, as this may prevent them from gaining experience.

Manage boundaries. Do not supply too much information; it can be stressful and distractive. Do not supply too little information; this will bring efficiency to work. As a leader, find and recognize the information and resources you get. Then, cut any irrelevant information and focus on communication that helps your team.

Ask productive questions. Asking the right questions may stimulate team members to think strategically, thus improving their thinking skills and problem-solving ideas. Focusing on concepts, strategies, and values is what they are training for.

Create an environment that celebrates both success and failure.

Do not just look to team members who gain success; look to team members who tried hard and took risks yet failed. They gain valuable experience, which adds to their future success.

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