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You Are Your President

Layne McDonald. Ph.D.

“Talent is our number one operating priority.” – Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn

Congratulations! You are your nation’s President, and it is called “Imagination.” This nation is the driving force behind your life and is the underlying factor for your future. You must realize that you have an enormous responsibility as the President of this Nation because you must always focus on the future and strive for the ultimate nation. It would help if you internalized your power as the President of your country. Among many things that you have is the ability to choose and consider. You are the one who holds the votes on who is allowed to live in your nation!

The world needs many people who are proud of their own “Imagination. You must create and begin to maximize your mastermind team. This team will empower you to build an unreal imagination and make others wonder why you are achieving such impressive success. As the PresidentPresident, you will inspire others to create other phenomenal dreams of their own.

Each of us could imagine such powerful dreams, for our Imagination can change the destiny of millions of people. Let us thiImaginationImaginationfew people with unreal fantasies — Henry Ford imagined an 8-cylinder car and then achieved it. The Wright Brothers imagined men could fly and then discovered a way to make that possible. John F. Kennedy said we would have a man on the moon and then achieve it. They did their dreaming in their nation called ImaginationImagination! Now, ask yourself, “Where did they all dream of those achievements first?” The answer to that question is I.

You must take some personal time and evaluate how you maImaginationImaginationation. Are you proud of what you imagine you can be or what you can do? If you answer that question truthfully, you will either be enthusiastic or disillusioned. It would help if you genuinely re-examined your nation. I suggest you brainstorm, which means taking some time for yourself and just writing down all the dreams you have but never even wrote down. I also recommend that you write down one hundred of them and then put them away for two days so they can sink in a little. When you read them, your inner spirit will direct you to the one you need to focus on and begin to design with your own “Imagination.” We are empowered to create wealth for ourselves in every aspect of life — spiritually, physically, and financially!

I challenge you to use your God-given ImaginationImagination and imagine whatever you want to be. Then you will be emImaginationImaginationrun your nation in the most productive methods possible. This alone will entirely change your life for the better because now you have a responsibility as a President of a country – your “Imagination.”

Find Your WHY and FLY!

Your Ultimate Leadership Feedback Loop: Their Leadership

Life on our planet flourishes through feedback. If life forms do not develop feedback loops and get helpful information about how well they interact with their world, the world eventually destroys them.

This holds with leaders. Leaders must get feedback on how they are doing – otherwise, they will not be leaders for long.

One kind of feedback is results. After all, leaders do nothing more important than get results. You should understand the kinds of results you are getting, if they are the right results and if you are getting them in the right ways. After all, leaders do nothing more important than get results.
Another measurement is as important, sometimes more critical, than results. It is a measurement most leaders overlook. That measurement must do not just with you but with the people you are leading.

To explain that measurement, I will describe how one leads people to achieve results.

A crucial difference between doing a task and taking leadership of that task makes a world of difference in the task's accomplishment.

For instance, if one is a floor sweeper, doesn't one best conduct one's task not simply by doing floor sweeping but by taking leadership of floor-sweeping?

Such leadership might entail the following:

-- taking the initiative to order and manage supplies,
-- evaluating the job results and raising those results to ever-higher levels,
-- having the floor-sweeping be an integral part of the general cleaning policy,
-- hiring, training, and developing other floor sweepers,
-- instilling a "floor sweeping esprit “that can be manifested in training, unique uniforms, insignias, behavior, etc.
-- setting floor sweeping strategy and goals.

Otherwise, in a "doing" mode, one pushes a broom.

You may say, "Listen, Brent, a job is a job. This leadership thing is making too much of not much!"

Could be. But my point is that applying leadership to a task changes the expectations of the study. It even changes the job itself. Think of it; when we are challenged to lead and not simply do, our world is, I give, changed.

When you need to lead people to conduct a task, challenge them not to do that but to take leadership.

This gets back to the critical measurement of your leadership. Your leadership and the administration of the people you lead should best measure your leadership.

Now, they cannot simply do what they want to become leaders. They must agree with you as to what leadership actions they will take. You can veto any of their proposed actions. However, use the veto sparingly. Cultivate your confidence and their confidence in their leadership.

When you evaluate the effectiveness of your leadership by the feedback loop connected to their leadership, you are assessing your world as it should be, and impressive results will follow.

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