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Conclusion: Letter from Author

Layne McDonald. Ph.D.

As I look back on the last three books I have written, I can only encourage you to keep documentation on all your communications, conversations, and public speaking and note how you have changed over time and how the environment changes. These books are a culmination of over 20 years of such information. I've had some fantastic conversations, found myself in impossible situations, and been honored to speak and be a consultant for some amazing talents that still lead organizations.

The reason for these books and all the other books I will or have written is to leave my children all the information that is gathered into the lumpy soft tissue in my mind and to be able to present it to them in a readable format so that they can learn by Joshua and grow organically as I have, but with the mentorship and guidance that I never was Privy to in my younger years.

For example, when I was going to film school if you were to tell me there was an 83-year-old that wanted to take me on as an understudy in that he worked with Hitchcock and Mel Brooks and that I would be working for Ringo Starr and Joe Walsh and Los Angeles for a few years, I would have fainted. But over my first ten years of film and television, not excluding the stint at NPR and being a voice talent, I found myself in Los Angeles going to the Los Angeles film school and being offered that same thing. I was thirty at the time. It would have been nice to have all this information and to know that someone with years of experience was willing to grant or impart life lessons or thoughts to me. That is what every single book I write is about. I want to leave the world a better place than how I lift it. I want to give younger and even people the same age as me with a passion the ability to go out and live their dreams.

In the last ten years, I have seen myself going from a storyteller, filmmaker, studio owner, Tori corporate contractor, and leadership creative leadership consultant to some incredible leaders in the corporate world. Filmmaking, storytelling, and writing have been at the center of everything to resonate with those they are trying to reach or those I'm trying to get. The essence of it all never changes. Dash, we are always trying to resonate with ourselves and each other, connect our lives and see ourselves as humans, not robots at work. We are not what we do, but we are who we are: I am a son of God, saved by grace and mercy and the love of God alone. All humans have the right to be loved, listened to, and have a hand willing to pull them up in times of need. That is who I am. I'm a father, husband, and son.

Who are you?

My last word to you in this book would be to look at where you are right now. Are you far along in your journey? Are you new in your journey? If you are far along, be willing to reach back in the pool, others ahead for them to push forward farther than you have ever been able to dream. If you are new, have the curiosity and adventurous spirit to ask those farther along in their journey to mentor you, guide you, and have a field of ideas and inspiration you could pull from. Only together can we move forward farther than ever before.

I encourage you to continue reading parts of my books and article format at You can download the smart app on apple and Android devices. I would love to hear your comments on your journey as you read these books and go through your adventures. We are all in this together, making better lives for ourselves and our families, helping those in the community who need help, and leaving our cultures in a more loving and kinder place than we found them growing up. God bless you; God keep you, and I hope to hear from you. You can contact me through the app or on my website. God bless.

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