Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament (2008)

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A book is about how Layne started filmmaking for only $1000! This was his first documentary. It aired worldwide on television in 2008 before major digital distribution was available and helped fund the rest of the films listed on this app.

This tour video documentary tells the story of Mother Angelica, how the Shrine was built, the Faith, and the God that made it all happen. The miracles and wonders in this video will help share the majestic story of God and the power of faith. A small ill Nun's faith became the largest Catholic Television Station in the world, called Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN).

"This film, if you call it that, is near and dear to my heart. Mother Angelica mentored me, showed me how to produce stories that could change lives, and mimicked what it meant to walk with humility no matter how much success God gives you. It just makes you more of an icon (a mirror) to show God's love to others. It was shot for only $1000 or less with the gear I already had. I hope it inspires young filmmakers to say: 'Oh, I can do this on my phone!'." - Layne McDonald, Ph.D.