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How to Set Yourself Up to Journal Every Day

Layne McDonald. Ph.D.

To experience the benefits of journaling, you must do it daily. Journaling is a habit you build up, and like every habit, it can take a while to cement it into your daily routine. 

If you want to start journaling daily, below, you’ll discover the best ways to get started.

Remind Yourself of The Benefits

Some days might be more of a struggle than others when journaling daily. When you are just starting, it is easy to think, “I’ll just skip journaling for today and do more tomorrow.” However, if you allow yourself to do this once, you will let yourself do it again.

To help you overcome the more challenging days, print out small cards which remind you of the benefits. You can look at them to gain inspiration when it is needed.

There will be times when journaling is the last thing on your mind. Whether it be grief, illness, or a significant life event, life happens. During tough times, journaling every day might be unrealistic.

Schedule Time For Journaling

If you schedule it, you may find it easier to make journaling a routine as you would schedule an appointment; set at least 10 minutes each day to write in your journal. 

Some people find it more effective to journal first thing in the morning, while others do it at night. Figure out what works for you, and then schedule journaling in at the same time every day. You will soon start to see that it has become a habit. 

Start Small

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when trying to journal daily is placing an expectation on yourself. For example, it’s common for people to think they need to write a lot and that what they write needs to be a masterpiece. 

The truth is that you need to start small. You don’t need to write a lot or make sure you are writing anything significant. The key is to write. Set a timer for 10 minutes on the days you are struggling. You might find that the words flow from there once you get started.

Use A Physical Journal

These days, you can journal online or use a physical journal. While online journals may seem more convenient, they don’t have the same attraction as a physical journal. Writing in a physical journal makes it a joy to use.

So, if you want to stick to writing in your journal every day, ensure you get one that you can physically write in.

These are a small selection of the best ways you can set yourself up to journal every day. Remember, building up journaling as a daily routine may take practice. The more you stick at it, the easier you will start to find it. 

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